"I've known John for a
few years now and all
I can say is that every
piece he makes is
more breathtaking than
the last! He designed a
ring and necklace for
me without even
meeting me face to face
and just killed it!!!"
-Freddy Herrera
Bassist, Everclear
JPHii DESIGN has done a number of high-profile photo shoots, many of which have been featured in
local, regional, national, and international publications.
Little Rock City
The following photographs were taken in Little Rock City in Ellicottville, NY.
The beautiful jungle-like scenery supports and reinforces the tribal design
of the Primal Roots collection. The photos are thanks to
RKW Photography,
and a special thanks goes out to
The Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley in
Ellicottville, NY.

Featuring models Aryn Fitzgerald, Enya Patterson, Ingrid Luongo, and Lenny Wlodarczyk
Shot by Nathan Rogers at Little Rock City and John Harvard's Brew
House at The Tamarack Club at Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY
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R E T U R N   P O L I C Y
"JPHii Design's jewelry
is very unique.
Aboriginal yet modern.
A perfect blend of past
and present. As if an
artisan of ancient
times was thrust into
2017 and taught how
to use modern metal
working tools. Each
new design is better
than the last. I, for one,
can't wait to see what
they come up with next".
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