"I've known John for a
few years now and all
I can say is that every
piece he makes is
more breathtaking than
the last! He designed a
ring and necklace for
me without even
meeting me face to face
and just killed it!!!"
-Freddy Herrera
Bassist, Everclear
JPHii DESIGN has seen three divisions arise from its success.
SHAMONK: Otherworldly Creations
With John Harris' experience as an Anthropologist, Shamonk has become a side project
that focuses heavily on work with a spiritual inspiration. Shamonk was started as a
partnership between Harris and Blake Condolora with a special focus on photography.
However, Harris often creates different types of physical crafts that are often inspired by
his and Condolora's photography concepts.
Shamonk was started in 2016 as the result of Harris' years of experience as a
conceptual photographer and producer. His photographer and photography production
portfolio can be viewed through Shamonk.

Life Totems is a growing line of jewelry developed by John Harris and Willis Dudley in
2014. The line was officially launched in Summer 2016 and has received a lot of attention
for its focus on the stories of the individuals that wear them.
Fan art can be submitted and viewed through Life Totems.

ACaaS is a specific line of charitable jewelry using recycled drum cymbals to create
uniquely hand-crafted jewelry to raise money for charitable causes. Harris often works
with celebrity drummers for various non-profits through ACaaS.
A collection of testimonies can be viewed through ACaaS.
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R E T U R N   P O L I C Y
"JPHii Design's jewelry
is very unique.
Aboriginal yet modern.
A perfect blend of past
and present. As if an
artisan of ancient
times was thrust into
2017 and taught how
to use modern metal
working tools. Each
new design is better
than the last. I, for one,
can't wait to see what
they come up with next".
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