"I've known John for a
few years now and all
I can say is that every
piece he makes is
more breathtaking than
the last! He designed a
ring and necklace for
me without even
meeting me face to face
and just killed it!!!"
-Freddy Herrera
Bassist, Everclear
JPHii DESIGN was started in May of 2010 by founder John Harris. Harris received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in
Jewelry Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology from Buffalo State College in 2012, and has been featured
in numerous national and international fashion and lifestyle publications since.
In 2012, JPHii DESIGN was ranked in the Top 10 Independent Jewelry Design Companies in the US according to
Halstead, and placed in the Top 5 in both 2013 and 2014.

WHAT'S in the NAME?
JPHii DESIGN is named for John Paul Harris II, and the choice to leave the word "jewelry" out of the name was
purposeful. Harris explains "I wanted to leave the company open-ended. I work in so many different materials, and
on so many different projects, that I wanted to be able to do anything."
Besides being a world-renowned and award-winning jewelry designer, Harris has also worked as a special fx
designer, florist, fashion designer, and graphic designer.
WHAT'S in the LOGO?
The JPHii DESIGN logo features three golden leaves with green stones
in them. Each leaf represents one of the major Focuses of JPHii DESIGN:
Folklore, Form, and Function.

Folklore: The basis of every piece of jewelry is the concept or story
behind it. Jewelry, with its long lifespan, has the ability to tell the story of
the wearer, or tell a story important to the wearer, that could outlive them.
As Harris puts it "As an Anthropologist, you see the importance and
significance of
the material culture that we leave behind. As a jeweler, we work in metal,
which is a material that often survives the test of time."

Form: Jewelry is a luxury good, meaning that it isn't essential for survival.
As a result, every piece of jewelry must meet the visual needs and
desires of the wearer. Every detail must be considered at the deepest
and most sincere level.

Function: Jewelry usually rests directly on the skin of the wearer,
meaning it must be comfortable, clean, and safe. This means that the
highest quality materials are needed, and the structure of the jewelry
itself has to be able to stand the test of time.
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R E T U R N   P O L I C Y
"JPHii Design's jewelry
is very unique.
Aboriginal yet modern.
A perfect blend of past
and present. As if an
artisan of ancient
times was thrust into
2017 and taught how
to use modern metal
working tools. Each
new design is better
than the last. I, for one,
can't wait to see what
they come up with next".
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