ABANDONED 315 is partly
produced by  
J P H i i   D E S I G N
ABANDONED 315 is a photography project started by John Harris and Blake Condolora...
                     ...It focuses on the beauty and history preserved in abandoned buildings
                             throughout Central New York...

J O H N   H A R R I S
Owner and Executive Designer of JPHii DESIGN, John Harris is a world-renowned jewelry
designer, a published author, and has been featured in dozens of national and international
publications for his fashion, jewelry, and photography.

Harris started JPHii DESIGN in 2010 shortly before graduating from Buffalo State College with a
Bachelor of Art in Anthropology and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry Design. Harris has been a
featured lecturer in numerous colleges as a result of his experience in owning and operating a
business based on art and design.

Harris is also the lead singer of the folk rock band
Avius Me, and has been featured in numerous
national internet radio programs with airplay and interviews about their upcoming album, WAKE
the DEAD, which is being recorded in paranormal locations across central New York.

B L A K E   C O N D O L O R A
A professional Fine art photographer out of Syracuse NY and owner of Forgotten Memories

Condolora has received multiple awards and publications of his works most notably First prize in
Fine Arts Photography at Onondaga community college as well as Publications in Gorgeous
Freaks and Syracuse Woman's magazines respectfully.

Condolora has Created Multiple series of works with his most recent being "Idolatry" as well as
"Fear" and "Memento Mori" Drawing ideas from a long distant past.

Condolora has an associates degree in photography from Onondaga community college and
has been working as an intern for JPHii DESIGN for almost a year.